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ISS ovens construction would comprise of double skin and insulated galvanised steel panels in filled with heavy density slab mineral rock wool. Each body panel would incorporate a thermal break between the inner and outer skins to reduce heat loss and to help provide low external skin temperatures. The resultant structure would be free standing and self- supporting. Component entry and exit to the oven would be via a set of twin leaf doors, with a height of 2000mm and a width that watches the working width of the oven.

The oven would be complete with roof mounted explosion relief panels, direct fired gas burner, main recirculation fan, internal distribution ductwork, and a single electrical control panel. No bleed ducting is included, however duct prices are available separately.

I.S.S. with their many years’ experience of oven design, manufacture and installation can offer a wide variety of ovens from industrial box ovens to open ended conveyor ovens.

We have experience of designing industrial ovens for aerospace and heat treatment processes which comply with NADCAP and AMS 2750D standards. All ovens are fully tested and are subject to a 3rd party temperature survey before leaving our factory.

Our Box Ovens are constructed in panel form with 18SWG galvanised mild steel outer skins. The inner skins used are determined by the temperature required as follows:

  • Up to and including 80 degrees – galvanised mild steel
  • From 80 to 200 degrees – galvanised alu-zinc
  • 200+ degrees – stainless steel

Prices for our Box Ovens Include:

  • 100mm thick insulation
  • Roof mounted explosion panels
  • Control panel
  • Process timer
  • Insulated double doors complete with heavy duty
    hinges and a suitable locking handle

Burners are fired high/low as standard and are low maintenance. Modulating controls are available. All models over 40 metres cubed include a bleed fan as standard. Smaller ovens use the pressure side of the recirculation fan to provide a bleed to the atmosphere.

Prices are given based on natural gas burners; burners which use other fuels are available. We quote each oven assembly individually depending on size and working temperature. Prices include delivery, assembly, wiring and commissioning.

Key Features

  • Available From £13,990.00 + VAT
  • Up to 230 Degrees Celsius as Standard
  • Ultra Efficient 100mm Mineral Wool Insulation & Modulating Burners for High Energy Efficiency
Model Internal Dims (mm)
(W x D x H
Burner Size (kW/hr)
Recirculated Airflow
Maximum Product Weight (Kg of Steel) Oven Price
Ex-Vat / Ex-Works
Add Additional Entry / Exit Door @ Rear
DGO-22 2000 x 2000 x 2150 85 1.00 500 £ 13,700.00 £ 1,700.00
DGO-23 2000 x 3000 x 2150 130 1.56 750 £ 15,300.00 £ 1,700.00
DGO-33 3000 x 3000 x 2150 180 2.34 1000 £ 16,700.00 £ 1,800.00
DGO-34 3000 x 4000 x 2150 215 3.13 1000 £ 18,200.00 £ 1,800.00
DGO-35 3000 x 5000 x 2150 250 3.91 1000 £ 20,400.00 £ 1,900.00
DGO-36 3000 x 6000 x 2150 280 4.70 1000 £ 22,200.00 £ 1,900.00


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