After Filter Dust Collector

  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector
  • After Filter Dust Collector

Design & Construction

Our dust collection systems are of a vertical cartridge design, continuously operating, self-cleaning type, constructed from 3mm steel frame and 3mm steel panels. Major sections shall be modular, bolted construction for maximum installation flexibility. The collector consists of filter module section(s) and hopper section(s) with support legs.

Dust Collector Cartridges

The cartridges installed within the after filter are self positioning and an entire row shall be locked and sealed in place by means of tracks which are cam locking bars with handles at the door end to easily lock/unlock the cartridges into place. Cam bars are supported by heavy duty cast iron support clips. The cartridge filters are of a Hemi-Pleat structure and have a minimum of 31m² area each. The filter media is Carbon Impregnated PolyTech, producing a high filtration efficiency of 85%.

Hopper Section

The hopper shall be pyramid type. The hopper wall angle is optimised to prevent dust build up and bridging of dust, this angle is normally 60 degrees but a minimum of 50 degrees.

  • Suitable for manual and automatic applications.
  • Pleated filter cartridges used for maximum collection efficiency.
  • Cleaning cycle releases collected dust from the filters for easy maintenance and recycling.
  • Can be used for a wide range of pollution control and recovery applications.
  • Easy to maintain with simple cartridge placement.
  • Excess powder can be easily recycled from the collection bins.

The DSEAR and ATEX directives state that for any new dust collection equipment installed after the end of June 2003, consideration must be made for protecting the operators during an explosion within the dust collector. The dust collector is protected with an explosion relief panel as standard. If an explosion occurs inside the dust collector, it may travel back down the dirty air inlet ducting to the point of collection. The customer must conduct a risk assessment to determine if an explosion
back pressure damper is required for the dirty air inlet ducting. (This can be quoted as an optional extra).

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