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Cummins Darlington – Pre-Treatment Wash System

Customer Background:

Cummins Inc. is an American fortune 500 company with a turnover in excess of $19 billion. Involved in the design and manufacture of diesel engines and power generation products. At their site in Darlington, County Durham, they manufacture a wide range of advanced diesel engines for power generation and vehicle propulsion.

Project Background:

ISS were approached by Cummins to provide a replacement their current on-line pre-treatment system. With the old line being installed in 1985 it was reaching the end of its expected life, in addition a new product line meant that the existing wash was no longer fit for purpose due to size restraints. All installation and commission work was to be carried out during the companies summer shut down period, so a strict timing plan was set and adhered to from the outset.

The Solution:

ISS designed and manufactured a new, state-of the art pre-treatment system to allow the new product line to be processed. Although the pre-treatment process remained the same (and hence the equipment layout and function was very similar) a number of improvements were made over the existing system, providing a number of benefits:

  • The specification of the wash incorporated the latest high efficiency plant and control systems to significantly reduce operating costs and energy consumption.
  • Increased time was built into the dry off oven; this along with an increased operating temperature and advanced, versatile nozzle design ensured more effective drying of the product after the washing process.
  • Improved wash and rinse process – providing a better level of painting preparation.
  • Reduced Start-up time for oven and dryer – saving energy and process time.
  • New Localised Controls and Hardware for ease of operation.
  • Improved lighting in working areas.
  • Energy monitoring systems allowing usage to easily be reviewed and tracked.
  • Conductivity monitoring, reducing the levels of water usage.

ISS Technical Sales Director Lee Todd commented:

This project represented a serious challenge. Having to complete all site work during the summer shutdown period meant that planning and peroration at the front end were key. Our project and design engineers were able to rise to the challenge and produced a fantastic end result which really represents the company’s mission statement of providing first class products on time and on budget. A great effort by all involved.

ISS offer a wide range of bespoke products, as well as being able to design, build and install custom installation such as this to suit any requirement, timeframe and budget.

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Quick Facts:

  • • Client – Cummins
  • • Location – Darlington, UK
  • • Product Type – On-Line Pre-treatment System
  • • Project Date – July 2010
  • • Project Value - £ 350,000

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