Automotive Curing Oven

  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven
  • Automotive Curing Oven

Automotive Adhesive Curing Oven 

Project Background:

ISS were approached by the Teir 1 Automotive Company on a recommendation from a luxury sports car manufacturer based in the Midlands. They had an urgent requirement for a new adhesive curing oven. This was to be installed at their nominated Teir 1 suppliers factory in South Wales, for curing structurally strengthening composite parts into pressed aluminium ‘B’ pillars. These parts had to meet stringent adhesion and bonding tests as part of their implementation into the vehicles crash structure.

The project came with a strict timescale in order to hit production dates for the launch of a new model. A date that could not be missed or allowed to slip.

The Solution:

From the early tendering stages ISS worked with the customer, as well as their specialist adhesives supplier  to determine the specification of the oven. This drew on experience from both the customer’s trials as well as the extensive knowledge gained by ISS from working on previous projects in the same field.

The end result was an oven featuring fully automated vertical rise doors; an indirect gas fired heat exchanger, twin high pressure recirculation fans and specially designed internal distribution ducting to ensure maximum heat transfer into the substrate. A sophisticated PLC control system with multiple time/temperature profile capability and data logging was used to ensure total control of the process as well as to record critical temperature data from the process for traceability and quality assurance reasons.

To decrease lead time the oven was pre-built by ISS at our Manchester production facility. It was then delivered to site in two sections before final assembly took place. Final build phases included ducting the heat exchanger through the roof and a final electrical wire of the control panel. In depth commissioning was then carried out to ensure correct operation and temperature uniformity.

ISS Technical Sales Engineer, Ross Johnstone, who worked on the project from the tendering stages through to completion, commented:

This project was a great example of how ISS are able to provide a bespoke solution for companies whilst working to extremely tight lead times. From the outset we listened to the requirements of the client and providing guidance and expertise along the way. Using our in house design and production capabilities we turned the job round in an unprecedentedly short time scale, delivering a pre-built oven to site, ready for final installation and commission. This resulted in an oven that gives reliable, consistent results on every run.

ISS offer a wide range of bespoke products, as well as being able to design, build and install custom installation such as this to suit any requirement, timeframe and budget.

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Quick Facts:

  • Client – Tier 1 Automotive
  • Location – Wales, UK
  • Product Type – Adhesive Curing Oven
  • Project Date – June 2015
  • Project Value - £ 80,000

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