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Aston Martin – Adhesive Curing Oven

Customer Background:

Aston Martin has long been a name synonymous with high performance luxury sports cars. Founded in 1913 it has produced countless iconic cars including the DB5, DB9, Vantage, Vanquish & Rapide. It is also known around the world for supplying cars for James Bond, appearing in films since the release of Goldfinger in 1964

Project Background:

Aston Martin required a prototype test oven to develop, test and ultimately prove a new method of adhesive bonding for chassis components. To do this an R&D oven with high levels of accuracy and adjustability was needed. Aston Martin approached ISS to work with them to design an oven that would be used for in depth testing to determine the best time/temperature profiles to effectively cure the adhesive, producing the strongest possible bond on crash critical assemblies.

The results of this testing would be used as a basis for a full scale production oven, destined for a brand new production facility for new Aston Martin models.

The Solution:

ISS designed a bespoke oven, incorporating an indirect gas fired heat exchanger unit, twin recirculation fans and adjustable internal agitation fans.

One challenge from the outset was how best to ensure temperature uniformity within the substrate (which consisted of a number of contrasting parts, from thin aluminium extrusions to heavy cast steel crash structures) was maintained. This required weeks of R&D work carried out by both Aston Martin and ISS which included physical testing as well as advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Simulations. The end result was an oven that allowed the engineers to constantly alter and refine airflows, air speeds, and temperature and air directions, allowing them to develop the ideal conditions in which to achieve an optimum cure.

Following this project ISS were awarded the contract to design and build a full scale, multi stage automated oven to be installed on a brand new production line for the upcoming DB11 model. The data and technical knowledge gained from this project made ISS the logical choice to undertake this new large project.

ISS project manager and technical lead for the project Barry Shaw commented:

This was an exciting project to work on, to be at the forefront of developing equipment used in new manufacturing processes presents its own unique challenges. But being able to work closely with OEM’s to develop a system that proves the process and sets standards for all future projects is hugely rewarding.

ISS offer a wide range of bespoke products, as well as being able to design, build and install custom installation such as this to suit any requirement, timeframe and budget.

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Quick Facts:

  • Client – Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.
  • Location – Gaydon, UK
  • Product Type - Bespoke Adhesive Curing Oven
  • Project Date – July 2014
  • Project Value - £ 40,000

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